Strength & Beauty Advance Listening

by The Summer Rebellion



Have a listen to some of the tracks off of Strength & Beauty, The Summer Rebellion's debut album!


released March 2, 2015



all rights reserved


The Summer Rebellion Bruxelles, Belgium

---- Born of the burning flames of yesteryear, The Summer Rebellion heralds the coming storm with the cavernous voice of David Koczij and thunderous accordion of Arthur Bacon. The Summer Rebellion arouses strong emotions with their wild carnival freak song. Step right up and witness the modern day harbingers of the message, the truth and the dirt beneath the fingernails of our everyday saints ---- ... more


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Track Name: Never Stopped Sinning
Home is just a place I used to be
Til you came into port, golden eyes and smiling brightly
My list it isn’t long and you are on it
I insist upon this song and now you’re gone gone gone

As the swallows in the air beat this rhythm
The time it passes slowly as the winds on which we linger
Leave us lonely never blowing to the place where we would wish them
My mission is a simple one and you are its fruition

I never stopped sinning
The bloodhounds on my scent
Never knew what they were missing
As they came and went

Been living long years of the fruits of my volition
Love-sick, heat-struck, or some other condition
Waiting by your bedside for your light to shine on me
I’ll be there every night

And in the early morning
I’ll walk down to the sea
Stay there for hours
Til the sun starts to bleed
I ask you what you need
And you turn the other cheek
Doesn’t matter what you’ve done
I don’t care where you’ve been

Now home is where I aim to be
Safely into port with your loving arms around me
My list it isn’t long and you are on it
I insist upon this song and now you’re gone gone gone
Track Name: Juliet
Yesterday, you told me what I could never hope to hear
In an angry haze, your smoky voice resplendent in my ear

The characters we want to play, two star-crossed lovers
Died in each other’s arms before the second act began
Address the council, tell your sisters and your brother
I knew it wouldn’t be long until I ran again

Come with me, we’ll burn this broken city to the ground
Cheek to cheek, we’ll dance as our insides feed the fires all around

The stage was set, the city wept, the concrete crawling
And dreamt about in fitful bouts one thousand miles away
You’d beat my chest and scream aloud as night came falling
I knew it wouldn’t be long ‘til you came back again

The sum of the words that you say
Incite my mind to smoulder
Trusting and truthful, a whispering wind
Will blow it all away
Throw it on the fire and blow it all away
Track Name: Penultimate Revolt
With my feet on the ground, I could tell you that I loved you.
With my heart in my hands, I could look you in the eye.
Sleeping softly on your doorstep with a bottle in my trembling hands
My head upon your lap in the same here but another when

You’re an angel. I’m a saint.
From your throne up in the sky, you’ve ruined us with your stupid game
I’m screaming for some time
As on the road, the motorists pass by

Lai die die

I dropped my lucky coin off in the river we once swam in
I dropped bombs on the city where I scrubbed away my sorrows
Can’t stop the memories come flooding down upon me
Of a future stolen softly in the night
It seemed to me the sun would rise again tomorrow
One more revolution, a second last revolt

So rise up, you slaves
Feel the golden dawn and storm the castle walls
Open your eyes, you slaves
Or you will never see that you are free
That home isn’t just anywhere you sleep

Lai die die